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dirt and smut as you are, you go to a ball! besides, you have no dress nor dancing shoes."
Cinderella, however, continued to beg for permission to go till her step-mother said at last: "There, go away into the kitchen ; I have just thrown a shovel full of linseed into the ashes, if you can pick these seeds all out and bring them to me in two hours you shall go."
Away went the maiden through the back door into the garden, and called outó
"Little tame pigeons, Turtle-doves, too, If you don't help me What shall I do? Come, pick up the seeds All the birds in the sky, For I cannot do it In time, if I try."
Then came flying in at the kitchen window two pretty white doves and were followed by all the birds of the air, twittering in a swarm. Nodding their heads at Cinderella, they began to pick, pick, and very quickly picked every seed from the ashes, till the shovel was full. It was all finished in one hour, and then the birds spread their wings and flew away.
Full of joy, the maiden carried the shovel full of seed to her step-mother, believing that now she was sure to go to the ball. But her step-mother said :
" No, Cinderella, you have no dress, and you have not learnt to dance ; you would only be laughed at."
Still she cried and begged so hard to be allowed to go that her step-mother, to keep her quiet, threw two shovels full of linseed in the ashes this time, and told her she should go if she picked all these out in two hours.
" She can never do that in the time," thought the cruel woman is Cinderella ran away to the kitchen, but the maiden went again into the garden and called the birdsó
Little tame pigeons, Turtle-doves, too, If you don't help me What shall I do?