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H4                             CINDERELLA.
And as they rode by, the doves came and perched on Cinderella's shoulder, one on the right and the other on the left.
When the marriage day came, the two step-sisters, wishing to share Cinderella's fortune, contrived to be present. As the bridal party walked to church, they placed themselves, one on the right and the other on the left of the bride. On the way, the doves picked out one eye from each of them. When returning, they changed places, and the doves picked out the other eye of each, so they were for their wickedness and falsehood both punished with blindness during the rest of their lives.
There was a king's son, who had no greater pleasure than to travel, and with no other companion than his faithful servant.
During one of their journeys, they one day found themselves in a great forest, and knew not where to get shelter for the night. At last they espied a little maiden, and as they drew near to her they saw she was young and fair; so they followed her to a little cottage.
The king's son spoke to her and said, "Dear child, can I and my servant find accommodation for the night in your little cottage ?"
"Ah, yes," said the maiden, in a sorrowful tone, "you can very easily ; but I advise you not to stay, nor even to go in."
" Why should I not r he asked.
The maiden sighed and said, "My step-mother carries on a' wicked trade. She is not good to strangers."
It was evident to the travellers that this was the house of a witch, but as it grew darker every minute, they could not go farther, and they had no fear, so they stepped in.
As they entered, an old woman, who sat in an arm-chair near the fire, turned and looked at the strangers with her red eyes.
" Good evening." she said, in a tone that seemed quite friendly. " Lie down there, and rest as long as you like."