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maid came in, he pulled off the cloak in which she had tried to conceal herself, and drove her from the room.
The next night the princess sent her chambermaid to try her fortune as a listener, but she was just as unsuccessful; for the servant also pulled off her cloak, and drove her out.
On the third night, the princess believing that the master him­self was in the bed, came herself to the room. She wore a large, dark, grey mantle, and thought, as she softly placed herself near him, that she should not be seen.
As soon as he closed his eyes, the princess began to question him in the hope that he would talk in his sleep as many do. Whereas the prince's servant was wide awake, and knew very well what he was about.
Then asked the princess, " What is it that never killed any* one?"
"A raven," he answered, "who ate the flesh of a dead and poisoned horse, and died in consequence."
Again she inquired, "What was it that killed twelve?"
"Twelve murderers ate the raven, and were poisoned, also, and died."
As soon as the princess knew the riddle she wanted to ruii away; but the servant caught hold of her cloak, and held it so tight that she was obliged to leave it behind.
On the following morning, the princess made known that she had found out the riddle, and sent for the twelve judges to hear
( her reply to it. But the servant, who was present with his master, requested to be heard first. "The princess," he said, "would never have found out the riddle, if she had not concealed herself in my master's room where she thought he slept, but I was there instead of him, and when she questioned me about the riddle, I told her all she knows about it, and she supposed I was talking in my sleep."
"Can you," the judges said, "give us some proofs of what you have affirmed ?"
The young man went immediately, and fetched the three cloaks, and explained to the judges how he had obtained them.
As soon as they saw the dark grey mantle which the princess had worn, and tried to keep, they said, " Let this mantle be stuck