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full of gold and silver, so that it can be worn as a wedding cloak when the princess is married. But the prince would not marry her after all, and no wonder.
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There was once a little mouse, a little bird, and a sausage, who formed a partnership. They had set up housekeeping, and had lived for a long time in great harmony together. The duty of the little bird was to fly every day into the forests, and bring home wood, the mouse had to draw water, to light the fire, and lay the table-cloth, and the sausage was cook.
How often when we are comfortable we begin to long for something new. So it happened one day that the little bird had met in his road another bird to which he had boasted of their happiness and friendship at home.
The other bird replied, scornfully, " What a poor little simpleton you are to work in the way you do, while the other two are enjoying themselves at home. When the mouse has lighted the fire and drawn the water, she can go and rest in her little room till she is called to lay the cloth. The sausage can sit by the stove while he watches that the dinner is well cooked, and wh~n the dinner-time arrives he devours four times as much as the others of broth or vegetables till he quite shines with salt and fat."
The bird, after listening to this, came home quite disconcerted, and, laying down his load, seated himself at the table, and ate so much and filled his crop so full that he slept till the next morning without waking, and thought this was a happy life.
The next day the little bird objected to go and fetch wood, saying " That he had been their servant long enough, and that he had been a fool to work for them in this way. He intended at once to make a change, and seek his living in another way."
After this, although the mouse and the sausage were both in a rage, the bird was master, and would have his own way. So he proposed that they should draw lots, and the lots fell so that the sausage was to fetch the wood, the mouse to be cook, and the bird to draw the water. Now, what was the consequence of all this ?