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Then the great gate was closed, and the maiden found herself once more in the world, and not far from her step-mother's house. As she entered the farm-yard, a cock perched on the wall crowed loudly, and cried, " Kikeriki ! our golden lady is come home, ' see."
Then she went in to her mother; and because she was so be­decked with gold, both the mother and sister welcomed her kindly. The maiden related all that had happened to her ; and when the mother heard how much wealth had been gained by her step-daughter, she was anxious that her own ugly and; die daughter should try her fortune in the same way.
So she made her go and sit on the well and spin; and the girl who wanted all the riches without working for them did not spin fast enough to make her fingers bleed.
So she pricked her finger, and pushed her hand in the thorn bushes, till at last a few spots of blood dropped on the spindle.
Directly she saw these spots, she let it drop into the water, and sprung in after it herself. Just as her sister had done, she found herself in a beautiful meadow, and walked for some distance along the same path, till she came to the baker's oven.
She heard the loaves cry, " Pull us out, pull us out, or we shall burn, we have been here so long baking."
But the idle girl answered, " No, indeed, I have no wish to soil my hands with your dirty oven f and so she walked on till she came to the apple-tree.
" Shake me, shake me," it cried, " for my apples are all quite ripe."
" I don't agree to that at all," she replied, " for some of the apples might fall on my head," and as she spoke she walked lazily on farther.
When she at last stood before the door of Mother Holle's house, she had no fear of her great teeth, for she had heard all about them from her sister, so she walked right up to her and offered to be her servant. Mother Holle accepted the offer of her services, and for a whole day the young girl was very industrious and did everything that was told her, for she thought of the gold that was to be poured upon her.
But on the second day she gave way to her laziness, and on the third it was worse. Several days passed and she would not get