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126            LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD.
There was once a sweet little girl, who had gained the love ol every one, even those who had only seen her once. She had an old grandmother, who knew not how to do enough for her, she loved her so much. Once she sent her a little cloak with a red velvet hood, which became her so well that she obtained the name of Little Red Riding Hood.
One day her mother said to her, " Come, Red Riding Hood, I want you to go and see your grandmother, and take her a piece of cake and a bottle of wine, for she is ill and weak, and this will do her good. Make haste and get ready before the weather gets too hot, and go straight on your road while you are out, and be­have prettily and modestly; and do not run, for fear you should fall and break the bottle, and then grandmother would have no wine. And when you pass through the village, do not forget to curtsey and say ' good morning' to every one who knows you."
" I will do everything you tell me, mother," said the child, as she wished her good-bye, and started for her long walk.
It was quite half-an-hour's walk through the wood from the village to the grandmother's house, and no sooner had Red Riding Hood entered the wood than she met a wolf.
Red Riding Hood did not know what a wicked animal he was, and felt not the least afraid of him.
"Good day, Red Riding Hood," he said.
" Good morning, sir," replied the little girl, with a curtsey.
" Where are you going so early, Red Riding Hood ?" he asked.
" To my grandmother, sir," she replied. " Mother baked yesterday, and she has sent me with a piece of cake and a bottle of wine to her because she is sick, and it will make her stronger and do her good."
"Where does your grandmother live, Red Riding Hood?"
" About half a mile from here through the woods; her house stands under three large oak trees, near to the nut hedges you would easily know it," said Red Riding Hood