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The wolf when he heard this thought to himself, " This little delicate thing would be a sweet morsel for me at last, and taste nicer than her old grandmother, but she would not satisfy my hunger; I must make a meal of them both."
Then he walked quietly on by the side of Red Riding Hood till they came to a part of the wood where a number of flowers grew,
"See, Red Riding Hood," he said, "what pretty flowers are growing here; would you not like to rest and gather some ? And don't you hear how sweetly the birds are singing ? You are walking on as steadily as if you were going to school, and it is much more pleasant here in the wood."
Then Red Riding Hood looked up and saw the dancing sun­beams shining between the trees and lighting up the beautiful flowers that grew all around her, and she thought, " If I were to take my grandmother a fresh nosegay it would make her so pleased; it is early yet, and I have plenty of time."
So she went out of her way into the wood to gather flowers. And when she had picked a few, she saw some more beautiful still at a little distance, so she walked on farther and farther, till she was quite deep in the wood.
Meanwhile the wolf went straight on to the grandmother's house, and knocked at the door*
" Who is there ?"
"Little Red Riding Hood," replied the wolf, imitating the voice of the child. " Mother has sent me with a piece of cake and a bottle of wine for you; open the door."
" Lift up the latch and come in," she replied; " I am too weak to get up."
So the wolf lifted the latch, and the door flew open ; then he rushed in, sprang upon the poor old grandmother, and ate her up. Then he shut the door, dressed himself in the old woman's night-gown and night-cap, and laid down in the bed to wait for Red Riding Hood.
After Red Riding Hood had gathered as many flowers as she Could carry, she found her way back quickly to the right path, and walked on very fast till she came to her grandmother's house, and knocked at the door.
" Who is there ?" said the wolf, trying to imitate the grand-