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sage reacned the wolfs nose. He sniffed, and sniffed, and looked down, till at last he stretched his neck out to such a distance that he lost his balance, and fell from the roof into the great trough full of water and was drowned. Red Riding Hood went home that evening in happiness and safety, and no one attempted to hurt her on the road.
An ass who had carried sacks to the mill for his master during many long years, felt his strength fail at last so that he could no longer work for his living. His master thought of getting rid of his old servant, that he might save the expense of his food. But the ass discovered his intentions, and determined to run away.
So he took the road to Bremen, where he had often heard the street band playing, and he thought he could be as musical as they were.
He had not travelled far when he saw a hound lying on the road and gasping for breath, as if he were tired of running.
" Why are you panting so, friend ?" asked the ass.
" Ah," he replied, " now that I am old, and get each day weaker and weaker, I can no more go to the hunt, and my master has ordered me to be killed, so I have run away, but how I am to earn my living I don't know."
" Will you go with me ?*' said the ass. " Do you know I am going to try my fortune as a street musician in Bremen ; I think you and I could easily earn a living by music ; I can play the lute, and you can beat the kettledrum."
The dog was quite contented, and so they both walked on together.
Not long after they saw a cat sitting in the road with a face as dismal as three days of rainy weather.
" Now whatever has come across you, old whiskers ?" asked the ass.
" How can one be merry when one has a collar on ?" said the cat; " now I am getting old, and my teeth are become stumps, I cannot catch mice, and ' like to lie behind the stove and purr, but when I found they were going to drown me and my wife, I ran