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136                   THE SINGING BONE.
The wicked brother could not deny the deed; he was therefore ordered to be tied in a sack and drowned, while the remains of his murdered brother were carefully carried to the churchyard and laid to rest in a beautiful grave.
There was once a poor woman who was very happy when her little son was born, for he had a caul, and it was prophesied, therefore, that in his fourteenth year he should marry the king's daughter. It happened very soon after that the king came to the village, but no one knew that it was the king. So when he asked for news they told him, that a few days before a child had been born in the village with a caul, and it was prophesied in con­sequence that he would be very lucky. Indeed, it had been said, that in his fourteenth year he would have the king's daughter for his wife.
The king, who had a wicked heart, was very angry when he heard this, but he went to the parents in a most friendly manner, and said to them kindly, '"Good people, give up your child to me, I will take the greatest care of him."
At first they refused, but when the stranger offered them a large amount of gold, and they mentioned that if their child was born to be lucky, everything must turn out for the best with him, they willingly at last gave him up.
The king placed the child in a box and rode away with it for a long distance, till he came to deep water, into which he threw the box containing the child, saying to himself as he rode away, " From this unwelcome suitor have I saved my daughter."
But the box did not sink, it swam like a boat on the water, and so high above it that not a drop got inside. It sailed on to a spot about two miles from the chief town of the king's dominions, where there was a mill and a weir, which stopped it, and on which it rested.
The miller's man, who happened to be standing near the bank, fortunately noticed it, and thinking it would most likely contain