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i44            THE LADY-BIRD AND THE FLY.
Then said the fire, " So will I burn," and it burst into a dre«' dful flame.
A tree grew near the fire, and it said, " Fire, why do you burn?" ".Shall I not burn ?" it replied,;" When—
" Lady-bird is burnt, And little fly weeps, The little door jars, And little broom sweeps, And little stream runs."
Then said the little tree, " So will I rustle," and it began to shake so violently that the leaves fell off.
A maiden came by carrying her little pitcher to the well, and she said, " Tree, why do you rustle so ?"
" Shall I not rustle ?" the tree replied—
*' Lady-bird is burnt, Little fly weeps, Little door jars, Little broom sweeps, Little stream runs, And little fire burns."
"Then I will break my little pitcher," said the maiden. So she broke her pitcher.
Then said the well as the water flowed out, " Maiden why dost break thy pitcher ?"
" Shall I not break my pitcher," she said, " when
44 Lady-bird is burnt, And little fly weeps, Little door jars, And little broom sweeps, i                                          Little stream runs,
Little fire burns, And little tree rustles."
"Ah!" said the well, "then I will begin to flow," and the water began to flow so rapidly that the maiden, the tree, the fire, the stream, the broom, the door, the fly, and the lady-bird were all drowned together.