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igo                 THE WONDERFUL GLASS.
key-hole, saw the godfather, and to his surprise, he had large horns; but as soon as he opened the door and went in, the strange man with the horns rushed away suddenly, laid himself on the bed, and drew the clothes over him. Then said the man, " What is the meaning of this strange management in your house, good sir? On the steps I met with all sorts of strange things, and was told to go up higher; and when I came to the door of this room, I peeped through the key-hole and saw you with a pair of horns on your head."
" That is not true," cried the pretended godfather, in such a terrible voice that the man, in a fright, turned to run away ; but no one knows what has become of him, for he has never been heard of since.
A countryman once had a faithful hound, who was called Sultan, and who had grown old in his service. He had lost all his teeth, and could no longer follow with the pack.
One day the countryman stood before the door with his wife and said to her, " Old Sultan is no longer of any use. I shall shoot him to-morrow."
But Sultan's mistress, who had great pity for the faithful animal, exclaimed, " How can you destroy him after he has served us so many years, and lived with us so long ! I am sure we could spare him some allowance for his old age."
"No, no," replied her husband. "That is not just reasoning. He has not a tooth in his head, and is of no farther use in keeping away the thieves; for they are not afraid of him, so he may as well go. If he has served us well, so has he also been well fed, and could eat as much as he wanted,"
The poor dog, who was lying stretched out in the sun, not very far ofif, heard all that was said, and it made him very sad to know that the morrow would be the last day of his life.
Now Sultan had a very good friend, a wolf, who lived near; so in the evening he slipped out into the forest to visit him, and complained to him of the fate which awaited him.