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wife, and we have a splendid festival to celebrate the event aftei all."
Then he took her to a beautiful chamber, where the maidens of the court dressed her in royal robes, and when her husband came and conducted her to the great hall, there was her father and his whole court ready to receive her, and wish her joy on her mar­riage with King Roughbeard, and so was there a joyful end to all her troubles. I wish, dear reader, you and I had been there to see.
One day in the middle of winter, when the snow-flakes fell from the sky like feathers, a queen sat at a window netting. Her net­ting-needle was of black ebony, and as she worked, and the snow glittered, she pricked her finger, and three drops of blood fell into the snow. The red spots looked so beautiful in the white snow, that the queen thought to herself,
" Oh, if I only had a little child, I should like it to be as fair as snow, as rosy as the red blood, and with hair and eyes as black as ebony.
Very soon after this the queen had a little daughter who was very fair, had rosy cheeks, and hair as black as ebony; and they gave her the name of Snow-white. But at the birth of the little child, the queen died.
When Snow-white was a year old the king took another wife.
She was very handsome, but so proud and vain that she could not
endure that any one should surpass her in beauty. She possessed
a wonderful mirror, and when she stood before it to look at herself
she would say—
11 Mirror, mirror on the wall, Am I most beautiful of all ? *
Then the mirror would reply—
m Young queen, thou art so wondrous fair, None can with thee at all compare."
Then she would go away quite contented, for she knew that the magic mirror could only speak the truth.