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among other guests, to the wedding feast. Before she left her house she stood in all her rkh dress before the magic mirror to admire her own appearance, but she could not help saying—
" Mirror, mirror on the wall, Am I most beautiful of all ?"
Then to her surprise the mirror replied—
' Fair Queen, thou art the fairest here, But at the palace now,                                      ...
The bride will prove a thousand times More beautiful than thou."
Then the wicked woman uttered a curse, and was so dreadfully alarmed that she knew not what to do. At first she declared she would not go to this wedding at all, but she felt it impossible to rest till she had seen the bride, so she determined to go. But what was her astonishment and vexation when she recognised in the young bride Snow-white herself, now grown a charming young woman, and richly dressed in royal robes ? Her rage and terror were so great that she stood still and could not move for some minutes. At last she went into the ball-room, but the slippers she wore were to her as iron bands full of coals of fire, in which she was obliged to dance. And so in the red, glowing shoes she continued to dance till she fell dead on the floor, a sad example of envy and jealousy.
Once upon a time in a village lived three brothers, who became so sunk in poverty and want that at last they had not even a morsel of bread to eat. Then they said to each other, " We cannot remain here to starve; let us go out into the world and seek our fortunes."
So they begged a few pence of their neighbours and started on their way. They travelled for some distance over fields and meadows, but met with no good fortune till they came at length to a large forest and saw a mountain in the distance. As they approached nearer they saw that the mountain was composed