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He now continued his journey through the wood in comfort, but towards evening, feeling again hungry and tired, he stopped to rest, and thought he would try his little table again in the hopes of another supper, so he unfolded it and said, "I wish there could be a good supper for me again this evening."
The wish had scarcely passed his lips when the table was covered with so many dishes, containing such good things, that there was no room for any more.
" I see now," he said, " who is to be my cook for the future ; this table is as precious as the mountains of gold and silver;" and he saw at once that it possessed the magic power of preparing itself. But this good fortune was not enough to satisfy him ; he could not rest without seeking farther; for he loved to wander about the world, he had a more restless spirit than his brothers. He travelled on for many days, till one evening he found him­self in a lonely part of the wood, and came suddenly upon a black, dusty charcoal-burner, who had made a fire of charcoal on the ground, and was roasting potatoes for his supper.
"Good evening, Blackbird." said he; " how do you get on here in your loneliness ?*
" Pretty well, one day with another." answered the charcoal-burner ; " and potatoes every evening. Do you wish to join me in my supper?"
"Many thanks," replied the traveller; "but I will not take your supper from you. There is not more than enough for yourself; but if you would like to take supper with me, I shall be glad to invite you."
" How1 will you prepare a supper ?" asked the stranger. " No one could go to the town and get it under two hours, and I see that you have nothing with you."
" Yet you shall have a supper," said the younger brother, " and a good one too, though it will cost nothing."
Thereupon he unfastened the little table from his back, unfolded it, and placed it on the ground. Then he said, " Table, prepare thyself!"
In a moment it was covered with the best of every good thing in the way of eatables and drinkables, all hot and nice, as if they had just been cooked. The charcoal-burner stared with wide open eyes, but he did not wait for a second invitation; placing