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226             THE SHEPHERDS FLOWER.
But when Roland returned home, he met with another maiden, who so ensnared him that at last he quite forgot the maiden whom he had promised to marry.
The poor forsaken one waited a long time; but when she found that he did not come again, she was so sorrowful that she turned herself into a flower, and said to herself sadly, " Perhaps he may come this way by-and-by, and crush me with his foot."
Now it happened after a time that a shepherd who was watching his sheep in the field, saw the flower, and as it was very pretty, he plucked it, carried it home, and laid it in his drawers. From that moment every thing that was wonderful occurred in the shepherd's house. When he got up in the morning all the work was already done, the fire on the hearth was lighted, the room swept, table and chairs dusted and placed in order, and water fetched from the well. At noon, when he came home to dinner, the cloth was laid and a nice dinner placed ready for him. He could not imagine how it all came to pass, for he never saw any human creature in his house, and no one could have concealed himself in the shepherd's little hut.
The careful housekeeping and care pleased him very much, but at last he began to feel uneasy, so he went to a wise woman and asked her advice. " There is witchcraft concealed behind all this." said the wise woman. "I will tell you what to do. On some morning when you wake early lie quite still and pay great attention; if you hear any movement, look out cautiously, and whatever you see, let it be what it may, as quick as lightning throw a white cloth over it, then will the enchantment be broken."
The shepherd went home determining to follow the advice of the wise woman. The next morning he woke early, and just at day­break he saw his drawer open, and the flower he had plucked come out Quickly he sprang up and threw a white cloth over it In a moment the transformation took place, and a beautiful maiden stood before him, who confessed that she had been the flower he had plucked, and that she had taken care of his house­hold ever since.
She related to him all that had happened to her, and the shepherd was so pleased with her that he asked her to marry him. But she said "No." For although her dear Roland had forsaken her she would still be true to him. She promised the shepherd