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240                THE TWIN BROTHERS.
Then he brought out two little foxes, but the hunters could not kill
them, so they gave them to the hares as companions, and the
little creatures followed the hunters wherever they went
Not long after, a wolf stepped before them out of the thicket,
and one of the brothers instantly levelled his gun at him, but the
wolf cried outó
M Dear, kind hunters, let me live ; I will to you my young ones give.*'
The hunters took the young wolves, and treated them as they had done the other animals, and they followed them also.
Presently a bear came by, «ad they quite intended to kill him, but he also cried outó
11 Dear, kind hunters, let me live, And I will you my young ones give."
The two young bears were placed with the others, of whom there were already eight.
At last, who should come by but a lion, shaking his mane. The hunters were not at all alarmed ; they only pointed their guns at him. But the lion cried out in the same manneró
" Dear, kind hunters, let me live, And I will you two young ones give."
So he fetched two of his cubs, and the hunters placed them with the rest. They had now two lions, two bears, two wolves, two foxes and two hares, who travelled with them and served them. Yet after all, their hunger was not appeased.
So one of them said to the fox, in Here, you little sneak, who are so clever and sly, go and find us something to eat."
Then the fox answered: " Not far from here lies a town where we have many times fetched away chickens. I will show you the way." So the fox showed them the way to the village, where they bought some provisions for themselves and food for the animals, and went on farther.
The fox, however, knew quite well the best spots in that part of the country, and where to find the hen-houses; and he could above all, direct the hunters which road to take.
After travelling for a time in this way, they could find no suitable place for them all to remain together, so am said to the