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The hunter called the fox, and said to him, " My foxy, go anc fetch me some of the roast meat such as the king eats."
The red fox knew a better trick than the hare : he went across the fields, and slipped in without being seen by the hound. Ther he placed himself under the chair of the king's daughter, anc touched her foot. She looked down immediately, and recog nising him by his necklace, took him into her room. " What dc you want, dear fox ?" she asked.
" My master, who killed the dragon, is here," he replied, in anc has sent me to ask for some of the roast meat that is cooked fo: the king."
The cook was sent for again, and the princess desired him t< carry some meat for the fox to the door of the inn. On arriving the fox took the dish from the cook, and after whisking away th< flies that had settled on it with his tail, brought it to his master.
"See, landlord," cried the hunter, "here are bread and mea such as the king eats, and now I will have vegetables." So h< called the wolf, and said, in Dear wolf, go and fetch me v , fetable: such as the king eats."
Away went the wolf straight to the castle, for he had no fear o anything, and as soon as he entered the room, he went behind tin princess, and pulled her dress, so that she was obliged to lool round. She recognised the wolf immediately by the necklace, tool him into her chamber, and said, " Dear wolf, what do you want? He replied, " My master, who killed the dragon, is here, and ha sent me to ask for some vegetables such as the king eats."
The cook was sent for again, and told to take some vegetable also to the inn door ; and as soon as they arrived, the wolf tool the dish from him, and carried it to his master.
" Look here, landlord," cried the hunter, " I have now bread meat, and vegetables; but I will also have some sweetmeats fron the king's table." He called the bear, and said : Dear bear, know you are fond of sweets. Now go and fetch me some sweet meats such as the king eats."
The bear trotted off to the castle, and every one ran away whei they saw him coming. But when he reached the castle gates, th sentinel held his gun before him, and would not let him pass in But the bear rose on his hind legs, boxed his ears right and left wit] his fore paws, and leaving him tumbled all of a heap in his sentry