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Then the young hunter stood up and said : " My honoured lord and father, the queen is still alive, and I am your son. The wild beasts did not touch me. A wicked wretch—your old cook— carried me away from her lap while she slept, and sprinkled the blood of a chicken over her apron to deceive you."
As he spoke, he led the black dog forward by his chain, and said : " This is the wicked creature who has been turned into a fierce dog as a punishment; shall I wish that he may be restored to his proper shape ?"
The king, in surprise, consented, and no sooner was the wish expressed, than the old cook appeared before them with his white apron on and his knife by his side. The king recognised him at once, and was so exceedingly wrath, that he ordered him to be thrown into the deepest dungeon of the castle.
Then the hunter related to the king all that occurred since he had been stolen from his mother, and said : in Will you, dear father, see the beautiful maiden who saved my life at the risk of her own ?"
" Yes," he replied, " I am quite anxious to see her."
" Honoured king and father." said the youth, " I will first show her to you in the form of a flower."
He searched in his pocket as he spoke, brought out the beautiful carnation and laid it on the table, and they all acknow­ledged that it was indeed a rare flower. But no sooner had he wished that she should resume her own form, than a beautiful maiden stood before them, whose beauty was beyond the painter's art to pourtray.
After this the king sent two waiting maids and two attendants to the tower to fetch the queen, and bring her to the royal table. But as soon as she appeared, and was seated at the table, she could not eat From that hour she ate nothing, and in three days died quite happily.
After she was buried, the two fairies in the form of white doves, who had fed her daily while she was in the tower, placed them­selves on her grave. The old cook was kept in the dungeon, where he soon died. In due time the son married the beautiful maiden, whom as a flower he had brought home in his pocket, and after his father's death became king of the country.