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from one corner of the room to another, making fools of them till they were quite tired out, and went away. After they were gone, he again threw dollars out of the window one after another as swiftly as possible, and then with a spring jumped after them, and was caught by the robbers.
They were so pleased, that one of them said : " You are quite a mighty hero. Will you serve with us under our chief?"
Thumbling reflected for a while, and then said he should like to see a little more of the world first. On this they divided the spoil into shares, but Thumbling only had a kreutzer, for he could not carry any more. Thumbling again took his sword by his side, wished the robbers good-bye, and walked away on foot.
After a while he engaged himself as workman to other masters, but they did not fancy him, or like his appearance, so at last he became foot-boy at an hotel. The maids did not like him at all, for without being seen himself, he found out all their secrets, and told the master of what they took from the plates, or fetched from the cellar. Then they said : " Only wait, we'll catch you some day, and drown you." And they made an agreement among them­selves that they really would serve him out.
One morning the cook went into the garden to cut some cab­bages, and she saw the dwarf jumping and creeping about. Then she cut the grass quickly round him, wrapped it up in a cloth, and threw it to the cows, and one of them gobbled him up with the grass. Here he found himself in great darkness, but in swallowing him the cow had fortunately not hurt him with her teeth. How­ever, he did not like his position at all, so when any one came near, he cried out with all his might: " Let me out! let me out!" The herdsman who heard the voice was much alarmed, and sent for his master, who also distinctly heard the words : "Let me out ' let me out!"
" Where are you ?" he asked.
" In the dark," replied the dwarf.
"The cow is bewitched," said the master, and after ordering it to be slaughtered, he went away.
The next morning the cow was killed, and fortunately while it was being cut up, Thumbling was not hurt, but to his terror, he found himself with that part of the cow that was to be made into sausages. When the butcher began to chop, Thumbling screamed