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every one to go out, they were left alone with the dead princess. Brother Peter immediately stripped the body of the grave-clothes, and laid it in a bath of very hot water, which he had ordered to be brought. Then he uttered a few strange words, which his com­rade tried to remember, and turning to the princess, said: "I command thee to come out of the bath, and stand on thy feet."
Immediately the princess rose, and was again alive and well. The chamber-women were sent for, and the princess in her royal clothes was taken to her father, who received her with great joy, and said to the two strangers : " Name your reward; it shall be yours, even to the half of my kingdom."
But Brother Peter replied : " No, I will take no reward for what I have done."
" Oh, you foolish fellow," thought Brother Frolick to himself. Then he nudged him again in the side: "How can you be so stupid? if you don't want anything, I do."
Brother Peter, however, still refused, but the king, seeing that his comrade was quite willing to accept something, told his trea­surer to fill the soldier's%napsack with gold.
They left the city after this, and travelled on till they came to a wood. Then said Brother Peter: " We may as well divide that gold."
" With all my heart," replied the good-natured fellow.
Peter took the gold, and divided it into three portions.
" What is that for ?" asked Brother Frolick. " What have you got in your head now? there are only two of us."
" Oh," he replied, " it is all right. One third is for myself, one third for you, and one third for him who eat the lamb's heart."
" Oh, I ate that," cried Brother Frolick, gathering the money up quickly. " I did indeed; can't you believe me ?"
" How can it be true ?" replied Peter; " a lamb has no heart."
" Nonsense, brother," he said, "what are you thinking of? A lamb has a heart as well as other animals. Why should he not have one?"
"Now really this is too good," replied Brother Peter. "How­ever, you may keep all the gold to yourself, but I will go on my way alone in future."
" As you please, brother," answered the soldier. " Farewell."
Then Peter started on another road, and left Brother Frolick to