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130 Fairy Stories Adapted & Arranged for young people

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A long time ago there lived in a little cottage a poor fisherman and his wife, who had very little to live upon but the fish the husband caught. One day as he sat by the water throwing his net, he saw a fish d)uwn out which was quite golden. He ex­amined it with wonder; but what was his surprise to hear it say, "Listen, fisherman, if you will throw me again in the water I will change your little hut into a splendid castle." " The fisherman replied, "What would be the use of a castle to me when I have nothing to eat ?"
" On that account,'' said the goldfish, "I will take care that there shall be a cupboard in the castle, in which, when you unlock it, you will find dishes containing everything to eat that heart can wish."
" If it is so/5 said the man, " then I am quite willing to do as you please."
"There is, however, one condition," continued the fish ; "you must not mention to a living creature in the world, be it who it may, the source of your good fortune; if you utter a single word, it will at once be at an end."
The man, upon this, threw the fish back into the water, and went home. But where his little hut had once stood now rose the walls of a large castle.
He stared with astonishment, and then stepped in, and saw his wife dressed in costly clothes, and sitting in a handsomely-furnished room. She seemed quite contented, and yet she said : " Husband, how has all this happened ? I am so pleased."
"Yes," said the man, " it pleases me also ; but I am so hungry, give me something to eat in our fine house."
" Oh, dear," she replied, "I have nothing, and I don't know where any is to be found here."
"There will be no trouble on that account," he replied. "Do you see that great cupboard ? just unlock it."
When the cupboard was opened, they w with surprise that it contained every requisite for a beautiful feast. Bread, meat, vege­tables, cake wine, and frui4