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she was free, she opened the bottle of wonderful water, and, after anointing the youth with it, he was restored to life, and as healthy and strong as before. There was great joy then over the whole castle, for the spell of enchantment was broken for them all, and the servants and officers were soon in attendance.
As for the princess, she was so grateful that she willingly con­sented to be the wife of her deliverer, and they were soon after married. By this marriage the husband of the princess became king of the golden mountain.
Eight years passed in great happiness, and the young queen had one little son ; but at the end of that time her husband began to think of his father, and wished very much to go home and see him once more.
The queen wished him not to leave her, and said : " I am sure that some misfortune will happen to me if you do; " but he allowed her no rest, till she at last consented.
When they parted she gave him a wishing ring, and said : " Take that ring, and put it on your finger, and whenever you desire to change your place, you have only to touch it and wish, and you are there; but promise me that you will not use it to desire me away from here to your father's house."
He promised what she asked, placed the ring on his finger, and wished himself at the town where his father lived. Immediately he found himself there \ but when he reached the gates, the sen­tinels would not let him pass, for he still wore his splendid and kingly robes.
Then he went to a hill close by, where a shepherd was keeping his sheep, changed clothes with him, and, putting on the shep­herd's coat, walked into the town unnoticed.
When he appeared before his father, he did not recognise him at all; he could not believe he could be his son; and said he had no son. He had one once, who had long been dead. But seeing that the poor shepherd looked tired and hungry, he ordered something to be brought for him to eat
Then the shepherd said to his parents: " I am in very truth your son. Is there not any mark on my body by which you might know me ?"
" Yes," cried his mother, " our son had a curious raspberry piark under his right arm,"