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villages, and houses are easily found." He brought the map from another room, and searched for the castle, but it was not there. "This won't do," said he. " However, there is a larger map in that cupboard." He brought out this map also, but it was as useless as the other—the castle was not mentioned.
After this the man wished to go, but the giant begged him to stay for a day or two longer till his brother came home, who, he said, was gone out to fetch provisions. As soon as the brother returned, the .man asked if he could tell him what road to take for the golden castle of Stromberg.
" After I have eaten my supper," he replied, " then I will look in the map."
As soon as he had finished, they went with him into his room, and searched on his map, but it could not be found even there. He then brought out another very old map, and would not give up the search, till at last they found the golden castle of Stromberg, but it was many thousand miles away.
" How shall I ever get there ?" asked the man.
" Well." said the giant, " I have two hours to spare, and will carry you, if you like, to the neighbourhood of the castle ; but after that, I must return and look after my child."
The man was glad of the help, and the giant took him up, and carried him in the two hours to a spot that was not a hundred leagues from the castle, and said, "The rest of the way you can easily find for yourself."
He turned away without waiting for thanks, and the man went forward day and night till at last he came to the golden castle of Stromberg. It stood on a mountain of glass, and as he was look­ing at it, he saw the enchanted king's daughter riding in her car­riage to the castle, which she entered. He was delighted when he saw her, and began eagerly to climb the mountain; but he only went a few steps and then slid backwards, for the glass was so slippery.
When he found that it was impossible for him to reach the castle, he felt quite unhappy, and at last said to himself: "I will remain down here and wait for her." He built himself a little hut in which he lived for a whole year, and every day saw the enchanted princess drive round the mountain, but could not get near her.
One day be saw outside his hut three robbers who were fighting with each other, and he cried out: " Heaven defend us I" They