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travelled on till he reached the gallows. Full of rage and fury, and tired with the heat of the day, he threw himself down under it, for he wished to sleep; and while he slept, the two crows, who still sat on the heads of the hanging men, flew down and picked out his eyes. With a great scream, he rose and ran blindly into the wood, where it is supposed he died of starvation, for he has never been seen or heard of since,
There was once a young lad who had learnt the business of a locksmith, and he told his father he should like to go out into the world and seek his own living. His father was quite pleased that he should do so, and gave him some money for his travelling expenses, and told him which was the best place to find employ­ment. But after a time he got tired of his trade, and nothing else would do for him than to be a hunter, for he had already great skill with a gun. One day in his wanderings, he met a hunter in a suit of green, who asked him where he came from, and where he was going. He replied that he was a locksmith's apprentice, but that he did not like the trade, and had a great desire to be a hunter, 'and asked the man if he would take him as a pupil. " Oh, yes," replied the hunter, "if you wiU'go with me I will teach you."
So the youth hired himself to the hunter, and remained for some years with him, and in that time learnt all the ins and outs of hunting. After this he wished to travel, and the hunter gave him for wages only an old air-gun, which had however one good property—whoever shot with it never missed his aim. Then he left his companion, and went away farther till he came to a great wood, in which after wandering about for a whole day, he coula not find a way out. When evening came on, he climbed up a high tree and seated himself on the branches, to be out of reach of the wild beasts, and about midnight thought he saw the glimmer of a small light in the distance; he looked cauttously through the foliage of the trees and discovered where it was. But before moving, he took off his hat and threw it in the direction of