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THE CLEVER HUNTER.                 397
" You have pronounced your own sentence," replied the king. " Here is the man who killed the giants, and cut out their tongues, which he has, with other proofs, in his possession."
So the captain was made a prisoner, and led away to punishment; and the hunter married the young princess. He soon after sent for his father and mother, and they lived with their son in great happiness till the king's death, and then he became king of the country.
A peasant once went out with a pair of oxen to plough. As soon as they were in the fields, the horns of the two animals began to grow, and kept on growing all day, till by the time they returned home they had grown too large to get in at the stable door. Luckily a butcher came by, to whom the oxen were soon made over, and the bargain settled in this manner. The peasant agreed to carry to the butcher a quart of rape-seed, and for every seed the butcher promised to pay a dollar, which was a first-rate bargain, although payment for the oxen was included in it.
The peasant went home, and very soon returned with the rape-seed for the butcher, but on the way he dropped one seed. The butcher counted the seeds, and paid for them justly; but if the peasant had not lost that one seed he would have had another dollar. However he set out to return home quite satisfied, but on reaching the place where the seed had dropped, what was his surprise to find that it had taken root and grown into a tree, the top of which reached to heaven !
Then thought the peasant, " I should like to have a peep at what they are about up there, and see what the angels are doing, and here is a splendid opportunity." So he climbed up the tree, and, peeping in, saw the angels at work threshing oats, and stood watching them for some time.
Presently, as he stood there, he felt the tree on which he stood totter under him. He looked through the branches, and saw that they were cutting it down. " If I should fall from such a height as this, it would be terrible," he thought; and in his trouble he scarcely knew what to do.