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The man understood very little of the question, partly from the distance of the voices, and partly because of the strange phrase­ology used by these wise men. So he cried out very distinctly, in What! what f " Then Brother Stultz thought the man meant that they were to wade across through the water. So as he was fore­most, he advanced to the edge of the bank and at once stepped into the water \ the next moment he sank in the mud and was drawn down by the deep waves. His hat, however, was carried by the wind to the opposite shore, and a frog seating himself upon it croaked, B" What! what! what!" " the other six heard it, and said one to another, " Our companion, Brother Stultz, is calling us; if he can wade across why should not we also ?"
Then they all ran down to the water in great haste to follow him, and were soon drowned; so the frog was the cause of the death of six, at least it is supposed so, for not one of the seven wise men ever returned to their homes.
There was once a king's son so courageous, that the quiet of his father's house did not please him at all, and he thought if he could go out into the world, it would not be long before he met with some wonderful adventures. So he took leave of his parents and started on his journey, and kept wandering on farther and farther, for it mattered not to him which way the road led him.
He went on till at last he came to a house inhabited by giants, and feeling very tired, he seated himself before the door to rest; but he was not inclined to sleep, so he let his eyes wander about here and there, and at last they rested on an immense ball, and skittles as tall as a man, which lay in the outer court, and were the giant's playthings.
After looking at them for some minutes, a longing came over him to try and play a game. So he rose, placed the skittles up, and rolled the great ball at them with all his might.. In his delight at finding that he could make the skittles fall, he cried
* German, "Was, was, was."