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$i " Little gat, when you're able, Remove my nice table.'
and it will vanish from your eyes."
Then the wise woman went away. Now, thought little Two
Eyes, " I will try if what she says is true, for I am very hungry,"
so she said—
"Little goat, if you're able, Pray deck out my table."
The words were scarcely spoken, when a beautiful little table stood really before her; it had a white cloth and plates, and knives and forks, and silver spoons, and such a delicious dinner, smoking hot as if it had just come from the kitchen. Then little Two Eyes sat down and said the shortest grace she knew—" Pray God be our guest for all time. Amen—" before she allowed herself to taste anything. But oh, how she did enjoy her dinner, and when she had finished, she said, as the wise woman had taught her—;
"Little goat, when you're able, Remove my nice table."
In a moment, the table and everything upon it had disappeared. "That is a pleasant way to keep house." said little Two Eyes, and felt quite contented and happy. In the evening, when she went home with the goat, she found an earthenware dish with some scraps which her sisters had left for her, but she did not touch them. The next morning she went away with the goat, leaving them behind where they had been placed for her. The first and second times that she did so, the sisters did not notice it, but when they found it happened every day, they said one to the other, " There is something strange about little Two Eyes, she leaves her supper every day, and all that has been put for her has been wasted; she must get food somewhere else.".
So they determined to find out the truth, and they arranged that when Two Eyes took her goat to the field/One Eye should go with her to take particular notice of what she did, and discover if anything was brought for her to eat and drink. *
So, when Two Eyes started with her goat, One Eye said to her, " I am going with you to-day to see if the goat gets her food properly while you are watching the rest."
But Two Eyes knew what she had in her mind. So she drove the