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446                         THE DRUMMER.
I kissed my parents on the right cheek. There is the fault; but I will atone for my conduct." He started up, as the song still con­tinued in plaintive accents, rushed out, and exclaimed, " Forgive me, dearest;" and, as he pressed her to his heart, she forgot her sorrow, and forgave him all.
Then he led her to his parents, and said, "This is the true bride," and told them what she had done for him, and the cause of his forgetfulness. They were ready to receive her at once as their daughter-in-law, and the other intended bride was made quite con­tented by being presented with the beautiful dresses which the real bride had worn at the festival
There were once two brothers, who had both served in the war a$ soldiers; one was rich, the other poor. The poor brother was determined to work for his living, so he took off his soldier's uniform, and became a farmer. In one of his fields, after he had dug and ploughed it well, he sowed turnip seed. After a time, when the grains sprung up, one of them grew to such an enormous size, and continued to increase, and become so thick and large, that it almost seemed as if it would never stop growing at all.
People called it the prince of turnips, for none had ever been seen like it before, nor ever would again. At last, it grew so big that, it would have quite filled a waggon, and would have required two oxen to draw it. The farmer hardly knew what to do with it, or whether it would bring him luck or misfortune.
At last he thought to himself, " Suppose I sell it. I should not get much certainly for such a great thing, and why should I eat it myself when little turnips would do just as well. No. I think the best thing I can do is to carry it to the king, and make him a present of it. So he laid the turnip on his waggon, harnessed the oxen to it, carried it to the castle, and presented it to the king.
"What a strange looking thing!" said the king, when he saw it. Many most wonderful things have passed before my eyes; but