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something of the wisdom that comes from experience. Sit there, and rest till you become clever."
Thereupon, he mounted the scholar's horse, and rode away— with the determination, however, that he would send some one in an hour to let him down, and release him.
A woman one day was going to a field with her daughter and hew step-daughter to cut clover for their cattle. A good fairy met them disguised as a poor woman, and said: "Will you show me the way to the town ?"
" If you want to know, find out for yourself," said the mother.
" As you are so very anxious to find the way," said her daughter, " you had better engage a guide."
But the step-daughter said : " Poor woman, come with me; I will take you a little way and show you."
Then the fairy in anger turned her back on the mother and daughter, leaving upon them the power of enchantment by which they both became as black as night and as ugly as sin.
She then accompanied the step-daughter, and as they drew near the town, she said : " Choose for yourself three things, and I will grant them."
Then said the maiden : "I should like to become as pure and beautiful as the sun." Immediately she became fair and beautiful as the daylight. " Then I should like to have a purse of money which would never be empty." This the fairy gave her, and said : " Do not forget what is good." And then, as her third request, the maiden asked that she might reach heaven when she died. This was also granted, and immediately the fairy vanished.
When the mother and daughter came home, and saw that they had both become coal-black and ugly, while the step-daughter was fairer and more beautiful than ever, wicked thoughts rose in their hearts, and they thought only of how they could make her un­happy.
The step-daughter, however, had a brother named Rudy, whom she loved very mucK and she told him everything that happened