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room as quick as lightning. It was just as if a number of invisible spirits were at work, for the table and benches were quickly covered with green cloth, the chairs with velvet, and curtains were hung to the windows and on the walls of silk damask.
Scarcely had the needle finished the last stitch than the maiden saw through the window the white plume on the prince's hat, for he had followed carefully the golden thread till it reached her cottage.
He alighted from his horse, and quickly stepped in upon the beautiful carpet; when he entered the room, he saw the maiden, who even in her homely dress, looked blooming and lovely as a wild rose.
" You are exactly what I seek," he said : " at once the poorest and the richest maiden in the world. Will you come with me and be my bride ?"
She did not speak, but she held out her hand to him. He kissed the hand she offered, led her out, lifted her on his horse, and rode away with her to his father's castle.
The marriage was shortly after celebrated with great splendour and rejoicings. The needle, the spindle, and the shuttle were preserved in the treasure-chamber ever after with great honour.
A rich farmer was one day standing in his farm-yard, and looking with pride on his possessions. The corn-fields were full of grain, and the trees laden with fruit. The corn of the previous years, carefully preserved in the granaries, lay in large heaps on the floors, the beams bending beneath its weight. His stables, also, were full of fat oxen, milch cows, and well-fed horses.
After looking over all these stores, he returned to the house, and, entering a room, cast his eyes on the iron chest in which his money lay. As he thus stood contemplating his riches, something knocked sharply—not, however, on the door of the room, but on the door of his heart
He stood still for a moment, and heard a voice within say : " Have you done well with all your gold and possessions? Have
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