Gulliver's Travels Into Several Remote Nations Of The World
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Jonathan Swift's Famous Book, Illustrated By Arthur Rackham

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miles, to any village, or person of quality's house, where he might expect custom. We made easy journeys of not above seven or eight score miles a day; for Glumdalclitch, on purpose to spare me, complained she was tired with the trotting of the horse. She often took me out of my box, at my own desire, to give me air, and show me the country, but always held me fast by a leading-string. We passed over five or six rivers, many degrees broader and deeper than the Nile, or the Ganges; and there was hardly a rivulet so small as the Thames at London Bridge. We were ten weeks in our journey, and I was shown in eighteen large towns, besides many villages and private families.
On the 26th day of October, we arrived at the metropolis,
called, in their language, Lorbrulgrud, or Pride of the
Universe. My master took a lodging in the principal street
of the city, not far from the royal palace, and put out bills
in the usual form, containing an exact description of my
person and parts. He hired a large room, between three
and four hundred feet wide. He provided a table sixty feet
in diameter, upon which I was to act my part, and pallisadoed
it round three feet from the edge, and as many high, to
prevent my falling over. I was shewn ten times a day, to
the wonder and satisfaction of all people. I could now speak
the language tolerably well, and perfectly understood every
word that was spoken to me. Besides, I had learned their
alphabet, and could make a shift to explain a sentence here
and there; for Glumdalclitch had been my instructor while
we were at home, and at leisure hours during our
journey. She carried a little book in her pocket,
not much larger than a Sanson's Atlas; it
was a common treatise for the use of
young girls, giving a short account
of their religion; out of this she
taught me my letters, and
interpreted the words.
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