Gulliver's Travels Into Several Remote Nations Of The World
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Jonathan Swift's Famous Book, Illustrated By Arthur Rackham

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208            GULLIVER'S TRAVELS
days I found a vessel ready to carry me to Japan, and spent fifteen days in the voyage. We landed at a small port-town called Xamoschi, situated on the south-east part of Japan; the town lies on the western point, where there is a narrow strait, leading northward into a long arm of the sea, upon the north-west part of which, Yedo, the metro­polis, stands. At landing I shewed the custom-house officers my letter from the King of Luggnagg to his Imperial Majesty. They knew the seal perfectly well, it was as broad as the palm of my hand. The impression was, a king lifting up a lame beggar from the earth. The magis­trates of the town, hearing of my letter, received me as a public minister; they provided me with carriages and servants, and bore my charges to Yedo, where I was ad­mitted to an audience, and delivered my letter, which was opened with great ceremony, and explained to the Emperor by an interpreter, who gave me notice, by his Majesty's order, that I should signify my request, and, whatever it were, it should be granted, for the sake of his royal brother of Luggnagg. This interpreter was a person employed to transact affairs with the Hollanders; he soon conjectured by my countenance that I was an European, and therefore repeated his Majesty's commands in Low Dutch, which he spoke perfectly well. I answered (as I had before deter­mined) that I was a Dutch merchant, shipwrecked in a very remote country, from whence I had travelled by sea and land to Luggnagg, and then took shipping for Japan, where I knew my countrymen often traded, and with some of these I hoped to get an opportunity of returning into Europe: I therefore most humbly entreated his royal favour to give order, that I should be conducted in safety to Nangasac: to this I added another petition, that, for the sake of my patron, the King of Luggnagg, his Majesty would conde­scend to excuse my performing the ceremony imposed on my countrymen, of trampling upon the crucifix; because I had been thrown into his kingdom by my misfortunes,
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