Gulliver's Travels Into Several Remote Nations Of The World
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Jonathan Swift's Famous Book, Illustrated By Arthur Rackham

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One of these grand assemblies was held in my time, about three months before my departure, whither my master went, as the representative of our district. In this council was resumed their old debate, and, indeed, the only debate which ever happened in that country; whereof my master, after his return, gave me a very particular account.
The question to be debated was, whether the Yahoos should be exterminated from the face of the earth? One of the members for the affirmative offered several argu­ments of great strength and weight; alleging, that as the Yahoos were the most filthy, noisome, and deformed animal which Nature ever produced, so they were the most restive and indocible, mischievous and malicious: they would privately suck the teats of the Houyhnhnms' cows; kill and devour their cats, trample down their oats and grass, if they were not continually watched, and commit a thousand other extravagances. He took notice of a general tradition that Yahoos had not been always in that country; but that, many ages ago, two of these brutes appeared together upon a mountain; whether produced by the heat of the sun upon corrupted mud and slime, or from the ooze and froth of the sea, was never known. Their brood, in a short time, grew so numerous as to overrun and infest the whole nation. That the Houyhnhnms, to get rid of this evil, made a general hunting, and at last enclosed the whole herd; and, destroying the elder, every Houyhnhnm kept two young ones in a kennel, and brought them to such a degree of tameness as an animal, so savage by nature, can be capable of acquiring; using them for draught and carriage. That there seemed to be much truth in this tradi­tion, and that those creatures could not be YMmiamshy (or aborigines of the land) because of the violent hatred the
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