Gulliver's Travels Into Several Remote Nations Of The World
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Jonathan Swift's Famous Book, Illustrated By Arthur Rackham

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I began this desperate voyage on February 15, 1714-15, at nine o'clock in the morning. The wind was very favour­able; however, I made use, at first, only of my paddles; but considering I should soon be weary, and that the wind might probably chop about, I ventured to set up my little sail; and thus, with the help of the tide, I went at the rate of a league and a half an hour, as near as I could guess. My master and his friends continued on the shore till I was almost out of sight; and I often heard the sorrel nag (who always loved me) crying out, Hnuy ilia nyha majah Yahoo, Take care of thyself, gentle Yahoo.
My design was, if possible, to discover some small island uninhabited, yet sufficient with my labour to furnish me with the necessaries of life, which I would have thought a greater happiness than to be first minister in the politest Court of Europe; so horrible was the idea I conceived of returning to live in the society and under the government of Yahoos. For, in such a solitude as I desired, I could, at least, enjoy my own thoughts, and reflect with delight on the virtues of those inimitable Houyhnhnms, without any opportunity of degenerating into the vices and corruptions of my own species.
The reader may remember what I related when my crew conspired against me, and confined me to my cabin. How I continued there several weeks, without knowing what course we took; and when I was put ashore in the long-boat, how the sailors told me with oaths, whether true or false, that they knew not in what part of the world we were. However, I did then believe us to be about ten degrees southward of the Cape of Good Hope, or about forty-five
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