51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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HANS IN LUCK.                                  17
quite right about your pig. In the village I have just left one had actually been stolen from the bailiffs yard. I fear, I fear you have it in your hand; they have sent after the thief, and it would be a bad look-out for you if it was found upon you; the least that could happen would be to be thrown into a dark hole."
Poor Hans grew pale with fright. " For heaven's sake," said he, "help me out of this scrape, I am a stranger in these parts; take my pig and give me your goose."
" It will be running some risk," answered the man, " but I will do it sooner than that you should come to grief." And so, taking the cord in his hand, he drove the pig quickly along a by-path, and lucky Hans went on his way home with the goose under his arm. " The more I think of it," said he to himself, " the better the bargain seems; first I get the roast goose; then the fat j that will last a whole year for bread and dripping; and lastly the beautiful white feathers which I can stuff my pillow with; how comfortably I shall sleep upon it, and how pleased my mother will be !"
And when he reached the last village, he saw a knife-grinder with his barrow; and his wheel went whirring round, and he sang,
" My scissors I grind, and my wheel I turn; And all good fellows my trade should learn, For all that I meet with just serves my turn."
And Hans stood and looked at him; and at last he spoke to him and said,
"You seem very well off, and merry with your grinding."
" Yes," answered the knife-grinder, " my handiwork pays very well. I call a man a good grinder who, every time he puts his hand in his pocket finds money there. But where did you buy that fine goose ? "
" I did not buy it, but I exchanged it for my pig," said Hans.
"And the pig?"
"That I exchanged for a cow."
" And the cow ? "
" That I exchanged for a horse."
"And the horse?"
" I gave for the horse a lump of gold as big as my head."