51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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46                          GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES.
things, one of each kind, landed, and went up to the royal castle. And when he reached the courtyard of the castle there stood by the well a pretty maiden, who had two golden pails in her hand, and she was drawing water with them; and as she turned round to carry them away she saw the strange man, and asked him who he was. He answered,
"lama merchant," and opened his apron, and let her look within it.
" Ah, what beautiful things !" cried she, and setting down her pails, she turned the golden toys over, and looked at them one after another: then she said,
" The Princess must see these; she takes so much plea­sure in gold things that she will buy them all from you."
Then she took him by the hand and led him in, for she was the chamber-maid.
When the Princess saw the golden wares she was very pleased, and said,
" All these are so finely worked that I should like to buy them of you."
But the faithful John said,
" I am only the servant of a rich merchant, and what I have here is nothing to what my master has in the ship—the cunningest and costliest things that ever were made of gold."
The Princess then wanted it all to be brought to her; but he said,
" That would take up many days; so great is the number of them, and so much space would they occupy that there would not be enough room for them in your house."
But the Princess's curiosity and fancy grew so much that at last she said,
" Lead me to the ship; I will myself go and see your master's treasures."
Then Faithful John led her to the ship joyfully, and the King, when he saw that her beauty was even greater than the picture had set forth, felt his heart leap at the sight. Then she climbed up into the ship, and the King received her. Faithful John stayed by the steersman, and gave orders for the ship to push off, saying, "Spread all sail, that she may fly like a bird in the air."
So the King showed her all the golden things, each sepa-