51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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HERE was once a wonderful musician, and he was one day walking through a wood all alone, thinking of this and that: and when he had nothing more left to think about, he said to himself, " I shall grow tired of being in this wood, so I will bring out a good com­panion."
So he took the fiddle that hung at his back and fiddled so that the wood echoed. Before long a wolf came through the thicket and trotted up to him.
" Oh, here comes a wolf! I had no particular wish for such company," said the musician : but the wolf drew nearer, and said to him,
" Ho, you musician, how finely you play ! I must learn how to play too."
" That is easily done," answered the musician, " you have only to do exactly as I tell you."
" O musician," said the wolf, " I will obey you, as a scholar does his master."
The musician told him to come with him. As they went a part of the way together they came to an old oak tree, which was hollow within and cleft through the middle.
" Look here," said the musician, " if you want to learn how to fiddle, you must put your fore feet in this cleft."
The wolf obeyed, but the musician took up a stone and quickly wedged both his paws with one stroke, so fast, that the wolf was a prisoner, and there obliged to stop.