51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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84                           GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES.
" Do not forget what you have promised, and it will be all the better for you."
So when the girl took the Queen and showed her the empty rooms, and the great heaps of yarn, the wedding was at once arranged, and the bridegroom rejoiced that he should have so clever and diligent a wife, and praised her exceedingly.
" I have three cousins," said the girl, " and as they have shown me a great deal of kindness, I would not wish to for­get them in my good fortune ; may I be allowed to invite them to the wedding, and to ask them to sit at the table with us ? "
The Queen and the bridegroom said at once,
" There is no reason against it."
So when the feast began in came the three spinsters in strange guise, and the bride said,
11 Dear cousins, you are welcome."
" Oh," said the bridegroom, " how come you to have such dreadfully ugly relations ? "
And then he went up to the first spinster and said,
" How is it that you have such a broad flat foot ? "
" With treading," answered she, " with treading."
Then he went up to the second and said,
" How is it that you have such a great hanging lip ? "
"With licking," answered she, "with licking."
Then he asked the third,
" How is it that you have such a broad thumb ? "
"With twisting thread," answered she, "with twisting thread."
Then the bridegroom said that from that time forward his beautiful bride should never touch a spinning-wheel.
And so she escaped that tiresome flax-spinning.