51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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102                          GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES.
had better get us a larger house; I should like very much to live in a large stone castle; so go to your fish and he will send us a castle."
" O my dear wife," said the man, " the cottage is good enough; what do we want a castle for?"
" We want one," said the wife; " go along with you; the flounder can give us one."
"Now, wife," said the man, "the flounder gave us the cottage ; I do not like to go to him again, he may be angry."
" Go along," said the wife, " he might just as well give us it as not; do as I say!"
The man felt very reluctant and unwilling; and he said to himself,
" It is not the right thing to do ;" nevertheless he went.
So when he came to the seaside, the water was purple and dark blue and grey and thick, and not green and yellow as before. And he stood and said,.
" O man, O man !—if man you be, Or flounder, flounder, in the sea— Such a tiresome wife I've got, For she wants what I do not."
" Now then, what does she want?" said the flounder.
" Oh," said the man, half frightened, " she wants to live in a large stone castle."
"Go home with you, she is already standing before the door," said the flounder.
Then the man went home, as he supposed, but when he got there, there stood in the place of the cottage a great castle of stone, and his wife was standing on the steps, about to go in; so she took him by the hand, and said,
" Let us enter."
With that he went in with her, and in the castle was a great hall with a marble pavement, and there were a great many servants, who led them through large doors, and the passages were decked with tapestry, and the rooms with golden chairs and tables, and crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling; and all the rooms had carpets. And the tables were covered with eatables and the best wine for any one who wanted them. And at the back of the house was a great