51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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no                       GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES.
" Now then, who asked you to come ? " said the tailor, and drove the unbidden guests away. But the flies, not under­standing his language, were not to be got rid of like that, and returned in larger numbers than before. Then the tailor, not being able to stand it any longer, took from his chimney-corner a ragged cloth, and saying,
" Now, I'll let you have it! " beat it among them unmerci­fully. When he ceased, and counted the slain, he found seven lying dead before him.
" This is indeed somewhat," he said, wondering at his own gallantry ; " the whole town shall know this."
So he hastened to cut out a belt, and he stitched it, and put on it in large capitals " Seven at one blow !"
" — The town, did I say ! " said the little tailor; " the whole world shall know it! " And his heart quivered with joy, like a lamb's tail.
The tailor fastened the belt round him, and began to think of going out into the world, for his workshop seemed too small for his worship. So he looked about in all the house for something that it would be useful to take with him, but he found nothing but an old cheese, which he put in his pocket. Outside the door he noticed that a bird had got caught in the bushes, so he took that and put it in his pocket with the cheese. Then he set out gallantly on his way, and as he was light and active he felt no fatigue. The way led over a mountain, and when he reached the topmost peak he saw a terrible giant sitting there, and looking about him at his ease. The tailor went bravely up to him, called out to him, and said,
" Comrade, good day ! there you sit looking over the wide world! I am on the way thither to seek my fortune : have you a fancy to go with me ? "
The giant looked at the tailor contemptuously, and said,
" You little rascal ! you miserable fellow !"
" That may be !" answered the little tailor, and undoing his coat he showed the giant his belt; " you can read there whether I am a man or not! "
The giant read : " Seven at one blow ! " and thinking it meant men that the tailor had killed, felt at once more respect for the little fellow. But as he wanted to prove him, he took up a stone and squeezed it so hard that water came out of it.