51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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LITTLE RED-CAP.                                133
mother is very weak and ill, so they will do her good, and strengthen her."
" Where does your grandmother live, Little Red-cap ? "
" A quarter of an hour's walk from here; her house stands beneath the three oak trees, and you may know it by the hazel bushes," said Little Red-cap. The wolf thought to himself,
"That tender young thing would be a delicious morsel, and would taste better than the old one; I must manage somehow to get both of them."
Then he walked by Little Red-cap a little while, and said,
" Little Red-cap, just look at the pretty flowers that are growing all round you, and I don't think you are listening to the song of the birds; you are posting along just as if you were going to school, and it is so delightful out here in the wood."
Little Red-cap glanced round her, and when she saw the sunbeams darting here and there through the trees, and lovely flowers everywhere, she thought to herself,
" If I were to take a fresh nosegay to my grandmother she would be very pleased, and it is so early in the day that I shall reach her in plenty of time;" and so she ran about in the wood, looking for flowers. And as she picked one she saw a still prettier one a little farther off, and so she went farther and farther into the wood. But the wrolf went straight to the grandmother's house and knocked at the door.
" Who is there ? " cried the grandmother.
" Little Red-cap," he answered, " and I have brought you some cake and wine. Please open the door."
" Lift the latch," cried the grandmother; " I am too feeble to get up."
So the wTolf lifted the latch, and the door flew open, and he fell on the grandmother and ate her up without saying one word. Then he drew on her clothes, put on her cap, lay down in her bed, and drew the curtains.
Little Red-cap was all this time running about among the flowers, and when she had gathered as many as she could hold, she remembered her grandmother, and set off to go to her. She was surprised to find the door standing open, and when she came inside she felt very strange, and thought to herself,