51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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154                            GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES.
may feast and enjoy themselves, for the table will provide enough for all."
When the company was all assembled, he put his table in the middle of the room, and said, " Table, be covered! "
But the table never stirred, and remained just as empty as any other table that does not understand talking. When the poor joiner saw that the table remained unfurnished, he felt ashamed to stand there like a fool. The company laughed at him freely, and were obliged to return unfilled and un-cheered to their houses. The father gathered his pieces together and returned to his tailoring, and the son went to work under another master.
The second son had bound himself apprentice to a miller. And when his time was up, his master said to him,
"As you have behaved yourself so well, I will give you an ass of a remarkable kind: he will draw no cart, and carry no sack."
"What is the good of him then?" asked the young apprentice.
" He spits out gold," answered the miller. " If you put a cloth before him and say, ' Bricklebrit,' out come gold pieces."
" That is a capital thing," said the apprentice, and, thank­ing his master, he went out into the world. Whenever he wanted gold he had only to say " Bricklebrit" to his ass, and there was a shower of gold pieces, and so he had no cares as he travelled about. Wherever he came he lived on the best, and the dearer the better, as his purse was always full. And when he had been looking about him about the world a long time, he thought he would go and find out his father, who would per­haps forget his anger and receive him kindly because of his gold ass. And it happened that he came to lodge in the same inn where his brother's table had been exchanged. He was leading his ass in his hand, and the landlord was for taking the ass from him to tie it up, but the young apprentice said,
" Don't trouble yourself, old fellow, I will take him into the stable myself and tie him up, and then I shall know where to find him."
The landlord thought this was very strange, and he never supposed that a man who was accustomed to look after his ass himself could have much to spend; but when the stranger,