51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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She ran as long as her feet would carry her; and when the evening drew near she came to a little house, and she went inside to rest. Everything there was very small, but as pretty and clean as possible. There stood the little table ready laid, and covered with a white cloth, and seven little plates, and seven knives and forks, and drinking-cups. By the wall stood seven little beds, side by side, covered with clean white quilts. Snow-white, being very hungry and thirsty, ate from each plate a little porridge and bread, and drank out of each little cup a drop of wine, so as not to finish up one portion alone. After that she felt so tired that she lay down on one of the beds, but it did not seem to suit her; one was too long, another too short, but at last the seventh was quite right; and so she lay down upon it, committed herself to heaven, and fell asleep.
When it was quite dark, the masters of the house came home. They were seven dwarfs, whose occupation was to dig underground among the mountains. When they had lighted their seven candles, and it was quite light in the little house, they saw that some one must have been in, as everything was not in the same order in which they left it. The first said,
" Who has been sitting in my little chair ? "
The second said,
" Who has been eating from my little plate ? "
The third said,
"Who has been taking my little loaf?"
The fourth said,
" Who has been tasting my porridge ? "
The fifth said,
" Who has been using my little fork ? "
The sixth said,
" Who has been cutting with my little knife ? "
The seventh said,
" Who has been drinking from my little cup ? "
Then the first one, looking round, saw a hollow in his bed, and cried,
" Who has been lying on my bed ? "
And the others came running, and cried,
" Some one has been on our beds too !"
But when the seventh looked at his bed, he saw little Snow-white lying there asleep. Then he told the others, who