51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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FRED AND KATE.                                 249
as she had tired herself with running, she took her time about going home, and walked slowly to cool herself. All this time the beer was running out of the cask, for Kate had not turned off the tap, and as the can was soon full, it began to run over on the cellar floor, and ran, and ran, until the cask was empty. Kate stood on the steps and saw the misfortune.
" Dear me !" cried she, " what am I to do to prevent Fred from noticing it!"
She considered for a while, and then remembered that there was remaining in the loft from the last fair time a sack of fine wheat-flour; she determined to bring it down, and strew it over the beer.
" To be sure," said she, " those who know how to save have somewhat in time of necessity."
And going up to the loft, she dragged the sack down and threw it right upon the can full of beer, so that Fred's drink ran about the cellar with the rest.
" It is all right," said Kate; " where some goes the rest must follow," and she strewed the meal all over the cellar. When all was done, she was highly pleased, and thought how clean and neat it looked.
At dinner-time home came Fred.
" Now, wife, what have you got for me ? " said he.
" O Fred," answered she, " I was going to cook a sausage for you, but while I was drawing the beer the dog got it out of the pan, and while I was running after the dog the beer all ran away, and as I was going to stop up the beer with the wheat-meal I knocked over the can: but it is all right now; the cellar is quite dry again." But said Fred,
" O Kate, Kate ! what have you been about, letting the sausage be carried off, and the beer run out of the cask, and then to waste all our good meal into the bargain ? "
" Well, Fred, I did not know j you should have told me," said Kate. So the husband thought to himself,
" If my wife is like this, I must look after things a little better."
Now he had saved a very pretty sum of money, and he changed it all to gold, and said to Kate,
" Do you see these yellow counters ? I am going to make a hole in the stable underneath the cows' manger and bury