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30                            HAZARD.
to it, he knocks the box upon the table at the person's money with whom he intends to bet, or particularly mentions at whose money he throws, which is sufficient, and he is obliged to answer whatever sum is down, unless the staker calls to cover j in that case the caster is obliged to stake also, otherwise the bets would be void. It is optional in the person who bets with the thrower, to bar any throw which the caster may be going to cast, provided neither of the dice be seen; if one die should be discovered, the caster must throw the other to it, unless the throw is barred in proper time.
The common odds, which are absolutely neces­sary to be understood before any person attempts to play or bet at this game, are as follow :—If seven be thrown for the main, and four the chance, it is 2 to 1 against the person who throws ; if six to four be thrown, 5 to 3 ; if five to four, 4 to 3 ; seven to nine, 3 to 2 ; seven to six, 3 to 2, barring the two trois : with the two trois, only 6 to 5 : seven to five, 3 to 2 ; six to five an even bet, barring the doublets or the two trois : with the trois, 5 to 4 ; eight to five, an even bet, barring the two fours: 5 to 4 with the two fours: nine to five, even; nine to four is 4 to 3 ; the nick of seven is 7 to 2, but often laid but 10 to 3, and 5 to 1 you do not nick six or eight.
To illustrate these calculations still more clearly, the following table will be serviceable :—
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