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LA ROULETTE.                     47
Refait de Trente et Un. A coup by which the banker wins one half the money staked, and is effected by dealing 31 for each colour.
Refait. Is when the banker deals the same sum for both colours from 32 to 40.
Sept et Le Va. Seven times the amount of the sum first staked.
Taille. Is made when the banker has dealt out all the cards.
Figure. The name given to the kings, queens, and knaves-
Point. The number which results from the sums of the cards dealt by the banker.
Noir. The colour for which the first points are dealt by the banker.
Rouge. The colour for which the banker deals the points after those for black.
Banker. The dealer.
Punter. Those who play against the banker.
The form of the table used for this game is an oblong square, covered with green cloth, in the centre of which there is a round cavity, around the sides of which, equidistant one from the other, are ranged several bands of copper, which com­mencing at the top, descend just to the extremity of the machine. In the centre of this cavity, which is moveable, is formed a circular bottom, containing 38 holes, to which the copper bands are attached, and upon which are painted, alter­nately in black and red, 36 numbers, from 1 a 36 a zero (0) and a double zero (00).
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