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This game may be played by almost any num­ber of people, although only one pack of cards is used at a time, during each deal. The dealer, who has rather an advantage, begins by shuffling the cards, and having them cut by any other person of the party; after which he deals out two cards on his left hand, turning them up; then one for himself and a fourth, which he places in the mid­dle of the table for the company, called the rejouis-sance card. Upon this card any, or all of the company, except the dealer, may put their money, either a limited or unlimited sum, as may be agreed on, which the dealer is obliged to answer, by staking a sum equal to the whole that is put upon it by different persons. He continues dealing, and turning the cards upwards, one by one, till two of a sort appear; for instance two aces, two deuces, &c, which, in order to separate, and that no per­son may mistake for single cards, he places on each side of his own card ; and as often as two, three, or the fourth card, of a sort come up, he always places them in the same manner, on each side of his own. Any single card the company has a right to take and put money upon, unless the dealer's own card happens to be double, which often occurs by this card being the same as one of the two cards which he first of all dealt out on his left hand. Thus he continues dealing till he brings either their cards or his own. As long as his own card remains undrawn he wins; and whichever comes up first loses. If he draw or deal out the two cards on his left, which are called the hand-cards, before his own, he is en-
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