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to take up counters sufficient to lay one upon that number every time it occurs, and so on till the ten knobs are down.
5.  When only part of the pack is taken, and a number drawn happens not to be upon any player's card, then the players may put away that knob, till some person takes the card on which it is printed.
6.  When ten knobs are drawn out, every player examining the cards separately, and having only one counter upon any horizontal line, wins for that no more than the counter, which is styled gaining by abstract; where two counters are on the same horizontal line of a separate card, the player gains an ambo, and becomes entitled to five counters, besides the two; when three are upon the same line, the player obtains a terne, and is to receive 25 additional counters; if four should be on the same line, that is called a quateme, and wins 100 counters additional; when five occur on the same line, it makes a quinterne, and gains 250 additional counters, and the player is en­titled to payment out of the pool, for all the above acquisitions, previous to another drawing. Instead of giving counters, payment for the same may at once be made from the stock in the pool.
7- The knobs are then to be returned, and the bag given to the next player in rotation, who is to shake the same, and draw, &c, as before stated.
8.  Whenever the pool is exhausted, the players must contribute again according to the number of cards taken ; and when it is resolved to finish the game, they agree among themselves to have only a fixed number of drawings more.
9.  At the last drawing each player proceeds as has been directed, but the drawing concludes
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