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having the privilege to shuffle last: this being done, the adversary cuts, after which the dealer gives one card to his adversary, and one to him­self ; if the adversary do not like his card, he has a right to have as many more given to hinr, one after the other, the pips of which will make 15, or come nearest to it, which are usually given from the top of the pack ; for example, if he should have a deuce, and draw a five, which make 7, he should go on, in hopes of coming nearer to 15 ; if he then draw an eight, which makes just 15, and be elder hand, he is sure of winning the game : but should he over-draw and make above 15, he loses, unless the dealer does the same, in which case it is a drawn game, and they double the stakes ; and thus go on till one of them has won the game by standing, and being 15, or the nearest to it, below that num­ber, &c. At the end of each game the cards are put up and shuffled, and the players cut anew for the deal, the elder hand constantly having the advantage.
This is a noisy round game, that several may play, using a complete pack of cards, bearing the same import as at whist, with fish or counters, on which such a value is fixed as the company may agree upon. The highest trump, in each deal, wins the pool; and whenever it happens that no trump is dealt, the company pool again, and the event is decided by the succeeding round. After determining the deal, &c, he who is to deal pools six fish, and every other player four; next three cards are given to each player by one at a time,
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