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( 83 )
Vixgt-un, or twenty-one, very much resem­bles Quinze ; but may be played by two or more persons, and as the deal is advantageous, and often continues long with the same person, it is usual to determine it at the commencement by the first ace turned up.
The cards must all be dealt out in succession, unless a natural vingt-un occurs, and in the mean time the pone, or youngest hand, should collect those that have been played, and shuffle them ready for the dealer against the period wrhen he shall have distributed the whole pack. The dealer is first to give two cards, by one at a time to each player, including himself, then to ask every person in rotation, beginning with the eldest hand on the left, whether he stands or chooses another card, which, if required, must be given from off the top of the pack, and afterwards ano­ther, or more, if desired, till the points of the additional card or cards, added to those dealt, ex­ceed or make 21 exactly, or such a number less than 21, as may be judged proper to stand upon ; but when the points exceed 21, then the cards of that individual player are to be thrown up di­rectly, and the stake to be paid to the dealer, who is also in turn entitled to draw additional cards, and on taking a vingt-un is to receive double stakes from all who stand the game, such other players excepted wrho may likewise have 21, be­tween whom it is thereby a drawn game : when any person has a vingt-un, and the dealer not, he who has it wins double stakes of the dealer ; in other cases, except a natural vingt-un happens,
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